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December 2015 Archives

Understanding the serious consequences of breath test refusal

In the state of Maryland, the authorities take all crimes seriously. This serious view of the law includes offenses related to driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated. It is for this reason that serious consequences accompany a breath test refusal.

Defending drivers after failed field sobriety tests in Maryland

At the law offices of Charles L. Waechter, we know that not all accused individuals are guilty. After all, ensuring the protection of the rights of innocent individuals is what leads many attorneys to the legal profession. For those who were arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated in Maryland because of failed field sobriety tests, our attorney can build strong defenses tailored to their individual situations.

Protecting Your Driver's License After A DUI

Did you ring in 2016 with a little too much to drink, and then get behind the wheel? You are not alone. New Years Eve is one of the biggest nights for drunk driving charges. Unfortunately, if you were charged with a DUI you have to face the consequences - one of which is a suspended driver's license.

How will Supreme Court breath test decision compare to Maryland?

If you have ever been pulled over and investigated for drunk driving, you might know the feeling of wishing you understood exactly what your legal rights are regarding the investigation. For example, what can or should you say when an officer asks you to complete a breath test?

Factors that might make you drunk, someone drunker, part 3

This is the last post in a series of blog posts that cover some of the science of alcohol impairment. So far, you might have learned from the posts that if you are a woman, an occasional drinker, hungry, or older in age, you might get and feel drunker than someone with a different background or makeup.

Factors that might make you drunk, someone drunker, part 2

In a recent post, we discussed a couple of biological factors that can impact people's levels of impairment. So far, we shared how having food in your system and your age can affect alcohol's impact on you and your capabilities. 

Don't Get Caught With Drugs On Campus

The time between finals and winter break is the perfect time to celebrate. Many students squeeze in one last party before heading home for the holidays. Unfortunately, if caught on campus with drugs - even a small amount of marijuana - there's a chance you won't be able to return to school for spring semester.

Factors that might make someone drunk, you drunker

Have you ever been partying with friends or family, enjoying your favorite alcoholic concoctions, and wondered how the person next to you seems so drunk when you feel just fine? Or maybe you are the so-called "light-weight" who just can't keep up with your buddy's drinking pace. 

Will teen's case be made extreme example of underage drinking?

As parents, we know that having kids comes with risks. We know that we risk watching our kids get sick, hurt, in trouble. We hope to never see our kids get into trouble with the law. But even a kid with a clean past can find himself charged with a crime. 

What NOT To Do If You Get Pulled Over For A DUI This Holiday Season

If you are driving in the Baltimore area this holiday season, you can expect increased police patrols. Police know the holidays are a time when many people celebrate - and drink - and they are on the look-out for anyone whose had too much and gotten behind the wheel.

New breath test on the horizon -- for marijuana?

Marijuana has brought up various debates for decades. The drug still creates a stir of controversy from person to person. Debates over the controlled substance have led to recent changes in marijuana laws in various states. Even Maryland has lessened its restrictions on marijuana use in the state.