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May 2018 Archives

Schools using random breath tests at events to prevent drinking

Kids have been sneaking alcohol into high school sporting events, dances, graduations and other functions since our grandparents' time -- and probably before that. While many high schools require kids who are suspected of being under the influence to submit to Breathalyzer tests, now there's a growing trend across the country to administer these tests randomly before kids can get into an event.

Students can face penalties for underage drinking at college

When Maryland parents send their kids off to college, one of their biggest fears is often the easy access their sons and daughters may have to alcohol. Even though they're too young to legally drink, most of us know from our own college days that alcohol is often readily available both on and off campus at parties, sporting events and even at local bars and restaurants that may not be vigilant about carding their young customers.

Looking for a job with a DUI conviction on your record

A DUI conviction can follow you for many years. Sometimes, even after you've put the experience (the jail time, fines, mandatory alcohol awareness classes license suspension and so forth) behind you, it can re-emerge. For example, when you're looking for a new job, can a potential employer find out about your DUI and refuse to hire you because of it?

Teen stress can lead to binge drinking

When we long for the carefree days of our teen years, we conveniently forget how stressful those years could be. Studying, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs can leave teens more stressed-out than parents may realize. There are also the social stresses of teen life. With their phones and laptops always within reach, they can't turn off distractions like we used to do by locking ourselves in our bedrooms.