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November 2015 Archives

Sex crimes and the issue of evidence, P.2

Last time, we looked briefly at the difference between the statutory definitions of first- and second-degree rape here in Maryland. In addition to this, there are also differences between rape and sexual offense charges. In Maryland, first- and second-degree sexual offense charges are different from the corresponding rape charges in that they involve sexual acts rather than vaginal intercourse.

Sex crimes and the issue of evidence, P.1

In our previous post, we mentioned the current criminal case against a Baltimore public school teacher who was accused of sexually assaulting one of his students, and spoke about the importance of building a strong criminal defense case. Regardless of the nature of the allegations, prosecutors are required to provide sufficient evidence of the defendant's guilt.

Local teacher faces rape, other sex offense charges

Baltimore readers recently learned that a teacher employed by the Baltimore Public School system has been hit with various criminal charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a student who sought extra help with her school work. The teacher, who was charged earlier this month, has been charged with second-degree rape, sexual abuse of a minor, and other related charges.

Looking at issues in federal computer crime defense, P.2

In our last post we began speaking about the importance of working with an experienced attorney when facing prosecution for computer crimes. In addition to the reasons we’ve already mentioned for this—the variety and complexity of federal laws targeting computer crime and the need to navigate federal sentencing guidelines—there are other special issues that come into play in computer crime cases.

Looking at issues in federal computer crime defense, P.1

The Internet can be a force for good, but like anything good, it can also be a medium for criminal activity. For the FBI, keeping up with constant changes in technology and the way it is used to advance criminal activity is a real challenge. On its website, the FBI lists several key priorities under the heading of cyber crime: computer and network intrusions; identity theft; and fraud.

Work with attorney to protect your rights under state medical marijuana program

Baltimore readers have likely heard that the state of Maryland will soon be launching its medical marijuana program. Last month, state officials began preparing to issue licenses for dispensaries and cultivation centers. The activity comes over two years after medical marijuana was legalized.

Looking at Maryland's drugged driving law, P.1

In our last post, we mentioned a conference held for law enforcement last month in Ocean City which dealt with issues related to impaired driving, especially drug impaired driving. We also spoke of the potential for error in drugged driving investigations.

Law enforcement conference focuses on impaired driving issues

Last month, law enforcement officers from across the state attended the first ever Maryland Impaired Driving Conference in Ocean City. The gathering, which was attended by 200 officers and deputies, focused specifically on drunk-driving enforcement.

Accuracy of alcohol testing an important matter in drunk-driving cases, P.3

We’ve been looking, in our last couple posts, at the importance of accurate blood alcohol testing in drunk-driving cases, and specifically about the importance of police routinely testing breath-testing devices for accuracy. The importance of this issue can be highlighted by an ongoing situation in our national capital.

Accuracy of alcohol testing an important matter in drunk-driving cases, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about the potential impact of blood alcohol concentration testing in drunk-driving cases. As we noted, blood alcohol testing can impact not only criminal penalties, but also administrative penalties, so it is important for defendants to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to scrutinize questionable alcohol test results.  

Accuracy of alcohol testing an important matter in drunk-driving cases, P.1

In drunk-driving prosecution, accuracy is an important matter. One particular area where this is true is when it comes to determining a suspected drunk-driver’s blood alcohol concentration. In terms of drunk-driving penalties, the specific blood alcohol concentration a defendant is found to have had at the time of arrest can impact not only criminal penalties but also administrative penalties.