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October 2014 Archives

Over 2,000 Maryland sex offenders' information not public

The Collaborative Offender Management Enforced Treatment program in Maryland is tasked with tracking more than 2,000 of the state's sex offenders; however, identifying details of these offenders, such as addresses, are not public information. This mass of sex offenders includes those who have been convicted of violent sexual crimes.

Child pornography: Defend your rights in Maryland

Distributing pornography online isn't always illegal, but when it involves people who are minors, it becomes a very serious offense that can be punished on two levels. In Maryland, you can face both state and federal prosecution for being caught distributing, collecting, or watching child pornography. Knowing the legal defenses for sex crimes is vital in your situation.

What is the difference between tiers for a Maryland sex offender?

A quick look at the sex offender laws in Maryland shows that there are various tiers into which those who have been convicted can be placed. These are known as Tier I, Tier II and Tier III. If you are facing charges for sex-related crimes, it is very important to know how these different levels work, both so that you can know what the charges might look like and so that you can ensure that your rights are protected even with a conviction.

Maryland's #1 lawyer for sex offense registry applicants

Due to recent changes in Maryland law individuals on the Maryland Sex Offender Registry now have an opportunity to be removed from the registry. In 2013, the Maryland high court issued a ruling in Doe v. Department of Public Safety and Corrections holding that the retroactive application of the laws regarding registration is unconstitutional. Just this year the Court reaffirmed its holding in Department of Public Safety and Corrections v. Doe and Hershberger v. Roe and indicated that removal from the Registry is the proper remedy for those affected.