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November 2014 Archives

A Maryland man is facing the music for gun possession

A man from Camp Springs, Maryland, was recently sentenced to 57 months in prison after his new music video appeared on YouTube, courtesy of the American Music Group. The video was titled “E-Banga/Why you Hatin’?” and featured the 24-year-old rapping and flourishing a .45 caliber handgun with an extended magazine.

Police obligated to announce DUI checkpoints in advance

Let's say that you go out on a Friday night with a few of your friends to a local bar. Foolishly, your group decides to go without a designated driver -- but you're aware enough to tone back your night out. So you only have a beer or two, and you think you're fine. As the night wraps up, you tell your friends that you feel fine and that you're okay to drive, so you get into your car and drive home.

1989 case shaped the landscape of sex offender laws

Last week, we took a look at a complicated sex crime that involved a teacher who was once sexually abused by a teacher when he was a student. He then repeated his teacher's mistake entering a sexual relationship with one of his students. Obviously, it's a more complex sex crime than what you would think.

9-year prison sentence for man accused of cocaine distribution

A Maryland man was recently sentenced to nine years in prison -- to be followed by five years of supervised release -- on charges of cocaine distribution. The 43-year-old apparently conspired with other people to distribute five kilograms of cocaine. According to some of the evidence against the man, conversations about cocaine distribution were "overheard" by police. It is unclear if this was done through wiretapping or surveillance.

The curious sex crime case of teacher and student (Pt. 2)

Imagine that you're a high school student, and a person who you know well recently passed away. You're confused and conflicted, so you confide in one of your trusted teachers for help. Somehow, in the crazy, mixed-up emotional state the two of you are in, a sexual relationship evolves out of that.

The curious sex crime case of teacher and student (Pt. 1)

Before we get to a specific incident, let's talk about a difficult subject: sex crimes. The circumstances of such crimes vary wildly, but in general, these are crimes that deal with very sensitive issues, and they are often looked upon with horror by most people -- so much so that convicted sex offenders are often considered among the worst, if not the worst, criminals in the world.

How do you get a DUI in Maryland and what are the consequences?

It may seem like such a simple question that has such an obvious answer, but it actually isn't as simple as you may think. So how do you get a drunk driving charge in the state of Maryland? And what are the consequences of such a charge?

We have the experience to defend you against serious drug charges

Though there has been a lot of talk recently about easing up the penalties and consequences that people who are convicted of committing drug crimes are subjected to, there are still plenty of people serving heavy jail time for non-violent crimes that involve drugs. It feel, more and more, that the stigma attached to drugs is the key driving force behind these astonishing punishments.

Focus on internet crime has consequences

Nowadays, the internet is taken for granted. It's a basic human need. People have to have access to the internet for a variety of reasons. But when you really think about it, the internet truly is an amazing advancement in human history, and it's a true privilege to be living in this time. The internet connects the world and it gives us the ability to learn amazing facts and see incredible things.

DUI leads to six-month swimming suspension for Michael Phelps

It was basically impossible to escape on a national scale, but here in Baltimore it was an even bigger deal than that. The drunk driving arrest of Michael Phelps -- the greatest Olympian ever, holder of more Gold medals than anyone else ever, and a hometown hero in Baltimore -- was all over the news, and for good reason.