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September 2017 Archives

What is a Passive Alcohol Sensor?

If you're one of the many Baltimore residents who drives into Northern Virginia regularly or even occasionally for business or other reasons, it's important to know about a tool that Fairfax County police have to help determine whether a driver has been drinking. You may not even know that they're using it.

A DUI can have consequences for your college career and beyond

When teens go away to college, they leave most of their parental restrictions behind. For many young people, that leads to some missteps, like staying out late partying when they have a test the next day. Some missteps are far more serious, like drinking and driving.

Cocaine still a popular drug choice among college students

The reason behind deciding to use stimulants – such as cocaine -- in college varies from student to student.  Some view uppers as a way to stay awake and cram for studying, while for others the boost of energy makes them feel invincible and more outgoing, a perceived benefit at parties. Yet for others, using is just a continuation of behavior that started before college.

How you can limit your exposure to liability as a social host

If you hold a house party and serve a minor alcohol, then you can be held both criminally and civilly liable for any injuries he or she inflicts upon his or her passengers or other motorists under both state and social host laws.

DeVos announces plan to revoke campus sex assault policies

A couple of months ago, we discussed reports that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was reviewing sexual assault policies on college campuses to help ensure that they were fair to both accusers and those being accused. Now DeVos has announced that she plans to revoke guidelines put in place by President Obama for colleges and universities to investigate and adjudicate accusations of sexual assault.

Parents play an important role in teen driving safety

For Maryland teens entering their junior and senior years in high school, this marks the year when they'll learn to drive. As exciting as that is for them, the thought brings no small amount of angst to many parents. In the past two years, at least 13 Washington, D.C. metro area high school students have been killed in car crashes, including five in Maryland.

Report: Binge drinking decreasing but still a problem

It may seem like kids and young adults are engaging in binge drinking more than ever, based on the increasing media attention given to the problem and some high-profile deaths. Most everyone has heard about the Penn State student who died after a night of binge drinking at a fraternity hazing event.