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November 2018 Archives

Why you should consider letting your teen host a holiday party

With everything there is to do this holiday season, perhaps the last thing you want to consider is letting your teen host a party for friends and classmates in your home. However, there are some good reasons for doing so.

Ride-sharing apps reducing the number of DUI arrests

Everyone loves a Saturday night out with friends. Enjoying the nightlife, hopping between bars, stopping for greasy, late-night food; it’s the type of experiences that friendships are built on. As the night winds down, you realize you had one too many to safely drive home safely. What do you do now? If you’re like a growing number of people, you ping a ride-sharing app, like Uber or Lyft.

Driver in fatal DUI involving Maryland man gets 2 decades in jail

A 25-year-old South Carolina man was sentenced to two decades behind bars earlier this month for a fatal drunk driving crash that killed a Maryland college student a year ago. It's one of the harshest sentences handed down for a fatal DUI in that state in recent years.

Should you do your own field sobriety tests before driving?

You've been at a holiday party or perhaps at a friend's house for an afternoon of watching football. When it comes time to leave, you can't recall how much you've had to drink and have no idea if you're over the legal limit for driving. Can you try to recreate the standard field sobriety tests used by police officers to see if you'd pass?

Ex-Baltimore bishop involved in fatal DUI denied early release

Many people in the Baltimore area are familiar with the case of the Episcopal bishop who struck and killed a man who was riding a bicycle in 2014 while she was under the influence. She then left the scene -- returning a half an hour later after others had called 911 and stopped to give first aid to the man. She was sentenced to seven years in prison for four separate charges.

When are breath tests inadmissible?

Breath tests are a large and expanding part of the fight against drunk driving for many police departments and other law enforcement agencies. There are several differences between models and brands, although most people who breathe into them aren't aware of them. The inconsistencies in "Breathalyzers," as the tests are known, can eliminate them as evidence.

It's not always in your best interest to refuse a breath test

In the United States, the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution gives us the right to refuse to do anything that could be self-incriminating. Many people take this to mean that they should refuse a field sobriety or a Breathalyzer test if they're stopped on suspicion of drunk driving by police. While you may think that there's little chance that you can be convicted of a crime for a refusal, this isn't necessarily the case.

What factors can impact your blood alcohol content (BAC)?

We've all seen the charts that show how many drinks a person of a specific gender and weight needs to consume to reach various blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. Those charts are approximations at best. However, too many people use them to determine when they've had enough.

The 'deadliest holiday on our roads' is just around the corner

If your Thanksgiving Day plans include a couple of glasses of wine, some spiked egg nog or a few beers at a family member or friend's home, make a plan to get home that doesn't involve driving. The same is true if you're going out after work on "Thanksgiving Eve."