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July 2016 Archives

How to determine if an attorney is right for you

Perhaps you are embroiled in legal issues you wish would simply disappear. Unfortunately, criminal charges do not go away unless you deal with them. A lawyer can assist you and is often the critical linchpin in your defense strategy. Here are a few tips to ensure that you find the perfect attorney to guide you through the courts.

Supreme Court rules on warrant-less breath tests

The Supreme Court heard a trio of cases involving a refusal to submit to a breathalyzer examination. The breathalyzer is a device that police have suspects blow into to measure their blood-alcohol content. The higher the BAC, the drunker the person is. If the individual refuses, the police can arrest the suspect and subject her to a blood test. These cases involved the ability of the police to compel people to submit to breathalyzer and blood tests.

Study finds alcohol in films contributes to underage drinking

A study conducted on 15-year-olds found that those who had been most exposed to alcohol use in the movies were more likely to have tried alcohol in their lives. The study also noted that these teenagers were also twice as likely to binge drink. This post will go over the results of the study and what they mean for your child.

Which colleges have the highest reports of rape?

According to federal campus safety data, nearly 100 colleges and universities reported at least 10 or more rapes on their main campus. These numbers may sound like sexual assault is a growing epidemic, but many researchers believe that the growing number are a good indicator that students are coming forward and reporting the attacks.

Do you have to submit to a breath test in Maryland?

It may sound counter-intuitive that the police can arrest you for a crime for refusing to waive your Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures but an exception has been carved out for DUI stops and investigations. Based on these exceptions, Maryland allows police officers to confiscate licenses and arrest you for refusing to submit to the breathalyzer test. You do have rights, for example, to contest the allegation but it can be an uphill battle.

Supreme Court requires police to obtain a warrant for blood tests

A common tactic among the police is to subject people who are arrested for driving under the influence charges to blood tests. They are especially useful if a particular person is involved in an accident. The blood test can be administered in the hospital while the person receives treatment. Before this ruling, the police argued that consent was implied. But now, police must obtain a warrant. This post will explore this ruling and how it affects police tactics.

Underage drinking by the numbers

Alcohol is by far, the drug of choice among adolescents. Unfortunately, the costs of drinking alcohol could affect your child's future, health, and development. According to a study out of the National Institute of Health, approximately 5,000 young people (those under 21) die from alcohol-related events. The majority, about 1,900 die in motor vehicle accidents. A further 1,600 are killed during homicides involving alcohol. Hundreds more die due to falls, suicide, burns, and drowning. This post will examine drinking among the underage population.

Over 60 percent decline in sexual assaults against females

A study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics has found that sexual violence against females has declined by over 60 percent from 1995 to 2010. The study examined cases involving females ages 12 and older from 1995 to 2010. The study noted a 64 percent decline in sexual assaults. In 1995 there were 5.0 assaults per 1,000 females, in 2010 that number declined to 1.8 per 1,000. This post will explore this study and what it means in real life.

Technology competition comes up with new ideas to combat drunk driving

In 2015, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism launched a competition to encourage technology start-up companies and universities to submit wearable devices to curb drunken driving rates. The companies came up with several wrist-worn devices that measure blood alcohol content. Blood alcohol content is the primary measurement to determine if a person is too intoxicated to drive. The winning and runner-up devices were produced by companies that hail from San Francisco.

Are you responsible for passenger's drinking alcohol in your car?

The short answer is, it depends on the state you live in. 43 states currently prohibit people from possessing "open containers" in public areas ? like streets, cars and sidewalks. This post will go over these rules and how you could get arrested for violating them.

SCRAM bracelets: an "ignition interlock" for your ankle

The criminal justice system is always looking for the latest technologies to control and limit criminal behavior. DUI/DWI crimes have been a frequent subject of this innovation from the breathalyzer to ignition interlock devices. The government is always pulling out every trick to curb the rates of drunk driving. The latest incarnation of this research is the SCRAM Bracelet. This post will elaborate on the SCRAM bracelet and what it may mean for you.