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June 2017 Archives

When it’s necessary to fight back: Self-defense in Maryland

While many of us hear from a young age to keep our hands to ourselves, the truth is that there are situations where not only can physical violence occur, but it may even be necessary from a self-defense standpoint. The problem, though, is that the law may not always initially be on your side.

Parenting college students: How common are drugs and alcohol?

Over the next several months, thousands of parents in Maryland will be preparing to send their children off to college for the very first time. This is no doubt an exciting time, as teens continue their journey into adulthood, only now with less -- and in some cases no -- parental supervision. In just a few short months, these same teens who you were once waking up for high school will now be in charge of getting themselves to class and making the right decisions, day in and day out, without you.

Constitutional rights: 3 things to know about search and seizures

If you have ever watched any type of legal drama TV show, you probably have somewhat of an idea that there is a constitutional amendment – the Fourth Amendment to be exact – that protects you from unlawful searches and seizures.  And while it is important for everyone to have some understanding of what this amendment means, it is particularly important for those facing criminal charges to understand not only what it means, but what can happen if police fail to follow the proper protocols.