Underage drinking can lead to a host of issues

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Underage drinking is something that many people do because they want to seem like they are cool. Peer pressure is something that can be hard to resist. You have to realize that if you are drinking when you aren’t old enough that you can face legal issues. You can face even more trouble if you are drinking and driving when you aren’t yet old enough to drink.

We understand that things happen and that you don’t want a mistake that can have a negative impact on the rest of your life. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with criminal charges, that is exactly what can happen to you.

It is important for you to remember that many employers and landlords will run criminal background checks. This could mean that slipping up could cost you a good job or a nice place to live.

We know that you might want to know what options you have for dealing with your current legal issue. We can work with you to evaluate your case so that you can determine what option you feel is the best for your case.

On top of the criminal aspects of the charge, you also have to think about the administrative penalties. You are likely going to face having to function without a driver’s license since underage drinking means that your license will be suspended. This can be a difficult thing to deal with, especially if you are in school or have a job that depends on you being able to drive.

Ignoring the issue isn’t going to make it disappear. Instead, you need to start working on your defense right now.

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Do You Have a Defense?

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