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October 2018 Archives

Maryland man charged with fourth DUI after Delaware crash

A Maryland man is facing his fourth DUI after he was involved in a crash recently in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. State troopers say that the man, who lives in Easton, rear-ended a vehicle, which in turn struck another vehicle.

How do disabilities factor in to field sobriety tests?

Many of the standard field sobriety tests that police officers administer when they pull someone over for suspected drunk driving require some level of balance, coordination and physical agility. They involve activities including standing on one leg, and walking and turning, that can be difficult if someone is under the influence. However, they can be impossible for people with a multitude of disabilities as well as physical limitations caused by age or weight.

Baltimore officer acquitted of DUI charge amid bias accusations

A veteran Baltimore Police Department (BPD) officer is likely breathing a sigh of relief after being acquitted of the final charge of driving under the influence (DUI) pending against him. Two other charges stemming from the same incident were already dropped.

Is there still a culture of drinking at elite Maryland schools?

Much of the media attention surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings after he was nominated to be the newest Supreme Court justice centered around his high school years at the prestigious Georgetown Preparatory School, known more commonly as Georgetown Prep, in Bethesda.

Don't become a Halloween drunk driving statistic

Halloween isn't just for kids. Halloween night and the weekends before and after the holiday are big party nights for adults. That can involve a lot of drinking. Despite the ease of calling an Uber, Lyft or another safe ride alternative, too many people still get behind the wheel when they leave a party -- many times with tragic results.

When can the police seize your cellphone?

As technology improves, people are spending more time on their cellphones. Americans use their phones for banking, for work, to apply to school and to connect with friends. There are also apps that track your location and other data about you. Most people’s cellphones contain a large amount of personal information.

Task force will recommend changes to state liquor laws

Earlier this year, Maryland legislators authorized a task force to study potential changes to the state's liquor laws, as well as who should enforce those laws and regulate the industry. Currently, these responsibilities belong to the Office of the Comptroller. Among other things, the task force will look at whether a different agency might be better equipped to handle them.