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August 2017 Archives

What you should know about student conduct codes

Every college has a student conduct code of some sort. And while you may have recently learned about this code in orientation – or remember hearing about it during previous years – many students are unaware of exactly what is in the code and what the possible repercussions are for breaking the code.

Help for those who need it: A look at heroin addiction

When talking about heroin and opioid-use in the U.S., we are no longer saying it is merely a "problem." Rather, it is an epidemic. With NBC News having ongoing reporting under the masthead of "America's Heroin Epidemic" and HealthDay reporting that in the past ten years, heroin use has increased by fivefold, it is safe to say that as a society, we have very big problem on our hands.

How much will a DUI or DWI cost?

The financial impact of a drunk driving conviction is a harsh one for anyone. However, for a college student or recent graduate – the financial burden that comes with a driving under the influence or while intoxicated conviction can really derail someone.