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January 2016 Archives

Looking at the legality of traffic checkpoints, P.1

Law enforcement agencies have a wide variety of resources and strategies at their disposal to enforce criminal laws. Police officers do have limitations, though, on how they go about their work. To take several examples: before an arrest may take place, there must be probable cause to believe an offense has been committed; officers must generally have a warrant prior to conducting a search; officers must conduct searches in accordance with the terms of the warrant or according to specific exceptions to the warrant rule.

Multiple DWI arrests require serious defense

Most people hope that they will never be faced with a drunk driving arrest. One arrest and conviction is enough to significantly impact a person's life. The legal process, while important, can be a great stress. Most are happy, to say the least, to get the situation behind them.

Federal recommendation would mean stricter DUI law

Laws come to be laws in Maryland and in other states for various reasons. One reason is the pressure from federal authorities that can come with strings attached, such as financing for states' various needs. The National Traffic Safety Board, for example, comes out with safety recommendations related to the safety on the roadways. 

Do you know the alcohol content of the wine you drink?

For many adults, the days of parties involving tequila shots in order to get really drunk are long gone. Still, that doesn't mean that you and your friends do not like to get together to enjoy a meal with a nice glass of wine.

Could someone fail a field sobriety test without being drunk?

Those Baltimore drivers who have never been the target of a DUI charge might think that the situation is simple. Someone is drunk, he drives, fails certain law enforcement tests and is charged with DUI because he is guilty. Right? Wrong. 

Rare medical condition leads to DUI charge and dismissal

While it is no surprise that everyone deals with their own individual health issues, some medical conditions seem so odd that they might leave you asking, "Really?" Say, for example, that you were someone who, without consuming alcohol, had a blood alcohol level that could get you arrested for DUI. 

Zero tolerance for underage drinking

Everyone is familiar with the standard "legal limit" for a blood-alcohol test (or "BAC"). But just in case you are not, it is 0.08 percent. However, what many underage students may not appreciate is that "legal limit" does not apply to them. For anyone under the age of 21, the acceptable limit for a BAC is 0.00 percent. This zero-tolerance policy sometimes trips up underage drinkers who do not understand that they are treated differently by the law.

Possible penalties for a DUI conviction

Driving while under the influence charges involve the operation of a vehicle while you are inebriated. You can get hit with a DWI charge for driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance that impairs your judgment. DWI charges, unlike other crimes, can carry steep penalties that impact many corners of your life.