Could someone fail a field sobriety test without being drunk?

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Those Baltimore drivers who have never been the target of a DUI charge might think that the situation is simple. Someone is drunk, he drives, fails certain law enforcement tests and is charged with DUI because he is guilty. Right? Wrong. 

Sometimes, drivers will technically fail field sobriety tests for reasons besides alcohol or drug impairment. They might be arrested and charged with DUI and then be entirely shocked because they know that they are not drunk or didn’t even drink at all.

How could someone who isn’t drunk fail a field sobriety test?

First it might help to remind readers about the field sobriety tests that Maryland law enforcement uses. An officer might ask you to perform the one-legged standing test. Also, you might be challenged to walk a straight line and turn. You might be asked to follow a light with a horizontal gaze

To some, these tests might sound and actually be simple to perform. But to others, these field sobriety tests can be challenging, even if they are not intoxicated. There are multiple reasons why performing these tests might result in a failing grade.

Fatigue and a lack of coordination in general could cause poor test performance. Certain medications might impact your coordination and cognitive abilities, too. Maybe you temporarily or permanently live with an illness or disability that compromises your ability to pass these physical tests. 

These are just a few factors that can impact field sobriety tests and make a significant impact on your DUI case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer should ask you questions regarding these factors and present a defense that best suits your individual situation.

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