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December 2014 Archives

Baltimore attorney helps those facing drug distribution charges

Police officers in this country work hard to serve the people they are sworn to protect. However, they sometimes become overzealous in their pursuit of justice and, either intentionally or unintentionally, trample on a person's rights, potentially leading to an illegal or wrongful arrest. Fortunately, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Charles L. Waechter can help people in Baltimore who have been charged with drug distribution and other criminal charges.

2 men face criminal charges in murder of suspected drug dealer

Police often have a difficult job. For example, they are tasked with investigating suspicious deaths. As they do so, they often face pressure from the victim's family and the general public to provide answers, and even those officers with the best of intentions can fall victim to this pressure. Unfortunately, a rush to judgment can often have significant implications on a person's life. Two men in Maryland who now face criminal charges after the murder of a suspected drug dealer will likely want to ensure that their rights are upheld throughout the criminal process.

Maryland man accused of sex crimes faces several charges

In the midst of the holiday season, shoppers are out in droves, bustling from store to store as they purchase gifts for loved ones or simply take advantage of seasonal discounts. Unfortunately, some of these people could become a victim of a crime. Police claim that three women in Maryland were attacked at a Metro station over the course of four days. A young man has now been charged with sex crimes as well as several other charges.

Firefighters accused of prescription fraud in Maryland

This country is in a very public war on drugs. While attempting to remove drugs -- including illegal prescription drugs -- from the streets may be a noble cause, the public nature of the so-called war could lead to overzealous officers and prosecutors mistakenly making unfounded charges in an effort to show progress. Unfortunately, several firefighters are now caught up in the war after one man was allegedly participating in prescription fraud in Maryland.

Maryland woman accused of multiple theft crimes

As most people are aware, people in this country have many rights. Fortunately, those who are suspected of crimes are protected from wrongful arrests and convictions by various safeguards. Because the average person may be unaware of all his or her rights -- and what action to take if such rights are violated -- many people accused of a crime seek the guidance of an experienced attorney. One woman in Maryland is currently navigating the criminal justice system after being accused of theft crimes.

Michael Phelps gets probation for DUI guilty plea

Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps’ drinking and driving case has been resolved, with Phelps receiving a one-year jail sentence and 18 months of supervised probation in exchange for a guilty plea. The judge suspended the jail term, as long as Phelps complies with the terms of his probation.

Penalties of DUI aren't limited to just the legal consequences

Last week we wrote a post about drugged driving, and why anyone who is accused of this offense needs to consult an attorney to protect their rights. When a criminal investigation is opened into offenses like this, any misstep by the police or the prosecution could lead to the case against you being dismissed, or potentially lesser or dropped charges.

Bail hearing law in Maryland an example of other reminders

If you are accused of a crime, before any of the TV-show-exaggerated courtroom scenes take a grip on your mind, there will be a relatively straightforward -- yet incredibly important -- proceeding called a bail hearing. One of the things that happens at this hearing is what gives it its name: your bail will be set at a certain financial threshold, and paying the bail will allow you to leave jail (though the charges will still hang over you and there will be further legal action to come).

What are the penalties for marijuana offenses in DC and Maryland?

While the national debate rages on as to whether marijuana should be legalized or not, it is easy to forget that on a federal level the substance is still considered illegal. Many states, and even counties, are changing their laws to decriminalize marijuana. So let's talk about some of the offenses that are related to marijuana, and how decriminalization is impacting the law.

Man faces drug and weapons charges following traffic stop

While it is fair to say that no one wants to be pulled over for a traffic stop, in most cases that is all it is and after receiving a warning or a ticket, the driver will be on his or her way. This is not the way all of these traffic stops end however. The recent arrest of a Maryland man illustrates this.

Protect your rights when you are charged with drugged driving

Readers may have heard that December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, which aims at raising greater public awareness of both drunk driving and drugged driving. The latter, as readers know, is a growing concern in states where legislators have established medical marijuana programs and where marijuana has been decriminalized to one extent or another. Maryland, of course, is one of these states, having decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

What are grand jury proceedings and how do they impact criminal cases?

Readers have undoubtedly heard about the recent decisions in Missouri and New York not to prosecute officers accused of killing unarmed African American men. In both cases, grand juries declined to issue indictments of the officers involved in the incidents. Readers have also heard that these cases have sparked a great deal of anger and protest across the United States. These cases being as contentious as they are, we will avoid offering any comments, but we do want to look briefly at what exactly a grand jury proceeding is and how it fits into the criminal defense process.

Drug charges leave the accused with a heavy burden

Most Baltimore residents remember the television show "The Wire," an intense drama about drugs, corruption, the police and many, many other issues going on in Baltimore, Maryland. It was a thrilling series that many people know about, but the real life version of "The Wire" plays out every day, and not just in Baltimore. There are plenty of good people who get caught up in the drug trade -- and when they are caught by the authorities, their lives are never the same.

More info on internet crime from Pew Research report

In our last post, we talked about Cyber Monday and how the day of the most online sales is also a reminder that the day is also a huge target for internet crime. Following up on that post comes some news from the Pew research center, which seems to indicate that while internet crime will never truly be a thing of the past, people are taking steps to improve online security.

It's Cyber Monday, which means internet crime is on our minds

As many Baltimore residents know, today is Cyber Monday -- the online extension of Black Friday, and the busiest online sales day of the year. All day people will be surfing the web, looking for the best deals on electronics, home decor, shirts, toys, cooking materials, and any and all deals in between. It will be a major shopping day, and it is a crucial cog in the holiday economy.