Maryland man accused of sex crimes faces several charges

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In the midst of the holiday season, shoppers are out in droves, bustling from store to store as they purchase gifts for loved ones or simply take advantage of seasonal discounts. Unfortunately, some of these people could become a victim of a crime. Police claim that three women in Maryland were attacked at a Metro station over the course of four days. A young man has now been charged with sex crimes as well as several other charges.

Police claim that the 20-year-old man attacked two women who were inside a garage of a Metro and a third woman who was near the same location. Additionally, he is accused of robbing a taxi driver. He was arrested after police were reportedly able to match the clothing description given by the victims to a man who appeared on surveillance footage. A gun claimed to have been used was reportedly fake.

According to reports, the man has no prior record of criminal activity. He is now accused of sexual assault and kidnapping, among other charges. It is unclear at this time if officials have any evidence to link him to the apparent crimes other than the claim that he was wearing similar clothing.

Some people may overlook some of the basic rights afforded to those accused of sex crimes or other criminal activity. For example, each person who faces a criminal charge is presumed innocent before the court until — and only if — proved otherwise. To accomplish this, Maryland prosecutors must provide evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In many cases, this is a difficult standard to meet. An attorney with experience with criminal cases can help advise this young man about an appropriate course of action as well as ensure that he is treated fairly throughout the process.

Source:, “Wheaton sex assaults suspect held on $500K bail”, Scott Broom, Dec. 15, 2014

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