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February 2014 Archives

Social media used in alleged solicitation of a minor

Police investigators may search the Internet where discussions of sexual activity are taking place. Officers pose as teenagers and interact with strangers. A person interacting with others in the chat room may make a date with the person believed to be a teenager. When the stranger arrives at the designated meeting place, instead of meeting the expected teenager, the suspect is surprised by police officers. The officers might then arrest the suspect, who could be charged with the crime of online solicitation of a minor.

Online ad leads to prostitution charges against 2 Maryland women

Prostitution is a serious crime that is punishable by fines and jail time. In many situations, people charged with this crime will face difficulties in a court of law, especially when there is significant evidence against them. It is often necessary for people charged with prostitution to take steps to protect their rights throughout the legal process. In cases like the following, solicitation and prostitution can have serious penalties.

Maryland man sentenced to 40 years in child pornography case

A 31-year-old Maryland man was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison, plus lifetime supervised release, after he pleaded guilty to producing child pornography. The man was arrested in January 2013 after an investigation involving local and federal agencies.

Former music teacher faces additional child sexual abuse charges

A lot of publicity is often given to teachers who are charged with possession of child pornography. Both state and federal prosecutors aggressively pursue such cases. If convicted, penalties can be harsh. In addition to time in prison, defendants may lose their jobs and must register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

37-year-old man charged with 3 counts of human trafficking

A lot of attention is being paid by prosecutors and the press on the topic of human trafficking. Those who are charged and ultimately convicted may face harsh legal penalties. Allegations of trafficking in prostitution often come about following a police undercover sting operation, as happened recently in Howard County, Maryland.

Child sexual abuse conviction results in a 100-year sentence

Allegations of child sexual abuse are very serious. Those who are charged may lose their jobs, their family and their freedom. A Baltimore man learned just how serious such charges can be when he was recently sentenced to serve what amounts to the rest of his life in prison.