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April 2017 Archives

Drunk or just diabetic? Protect yourself from false allegations

There are a lot of complaints about problems with field sobriety tests -- but the one that often strikes a chord of fear in many people's hearts is that they'll fail a roadside sobriety test because they're sick, not drunk.

University student faces felony level drug charge

Maryland courts are tough on drug crimes, especially those where there was a perceived intention to sell the drug. Even in cases where it’s a person’s first time ever facing a drug charge – and even when the person is a college student with their whole life still ahead of them – the courts do not necessarily care and the prosecution will still attempt to sentence to the full extent possible.

Dangers of underage drinking increase this time of year

Drunk driving incidents involving teens have dropped by over 50 percent since 1991. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which reported that statistic, links it to the fact that fewer teens are getting drivers licenses as well as an overall decrease in alcohol consumption by teens.

Maryland couple accused of drugging teen and forcing sex acts

In an era in which opioid addition and human sex trafficking are on the rise, a new case emerges out of Caroline County, Maryland, involving the forcible entry of a 15-year-old into prostitution. A spokesperson for the county's Sheriff's Office recently announced the arrests earlier in the month of an 35-year-old Federalsburg woman and her 26-year-old companion from Greensboro.

Dangerous myths contribute to underage drinking

When teens and preteens consume alcohol, it can lead to serious problems, both in the short run and long run because their bodies and brains are still developing. For example, it can lead to learning problems. Further, research has shown that adults who began drinking at 14 years old or younger were more likely to abuse or be dependent on alcohol in adulthood than those who didn't begin drinking until the legal drinking age of 21 or older.

Your defense can impact your family, finances and future

We recently discussed the case of a Maryland officer who is facing a drunk driving charge in connection with a road rage incident. This story is a poignant reminder that your social status and job title don't matter if you are driving drunk. Instead of having some type of immunity, you can still face criminal charges.

Maryland officer charged with DUI after road rage incident

A Maryland sheriff's deputy is on administrative leave following an incident in January where he is alleged to have been driving under the influence. The man was reportedly the victim of road rage by a man who shot at him in Parsonburg.

Make your designated driver feel appreciated

Whether you're out for a night on the town, celebrating a holiday or special occasion or are gathering in a sports bar to watch a big game, if someone in your group has agreed to be the designated driver, it's important to take good care of him or her. Many establishments will serve free non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers. However, that may not be enough to make up for all the festivities these folks may feel that they're missing.

Sex assault charges dropped against ex housing authority worker

The trial of a Baltimore public housing authority worker, accused of making demands for sexual favors to complete repairs, wrapped up abruptly on Thursday, March 16, 2017. The 62-year-old defendant had been charged with a fourth-degree sex offense, second-degree assault, harassment and misconduct. Charges were dropped after the alleged victim failed to appear in court on the first day of opening arguments.