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May 2017 Archives

Why is your horizontal gaze studied prior to a DUI arrest?

When police pull over a person for suspicion of drunk driving, they generally perform a series of field sobriety tests. One of these looks at horizontal gaze nystagmus. HGN is an involuntary eye motion that occurs when someone's eye looks to the side.

Former Maryland bishop denied parole for fatal DUI

A DUI arrest can happen to anyone who drives while under the influence, regardless of age, social status, income or occupation. It happened in the last days of 2014 to a Maryland Episcopal bishop after she hit and killed a bicyclist in Baltimore, a husband and father, and then fled the scene.

Students suing colleges for sex assault disciplinary action

Increasingly, women on college campuses are coming forward with allegations of sexual assault. Colleges and universities are taking these reports more seriously than they did in past decades and taking increasingly harsh action against the young men charged with assault and other forms of sexual violence, regardless of whether any criminal action is taken against them or not.

What causes binge drinking?

We've all heard tragic stories in the media about college kids who died while binge drinking, either from alcohol poisoning or from fatal injuries that occurred while they were drunk. Currently, multiple Penn State fraternity members are facing charges including aggravated assault and involuntary manslaughter for failing to get help for a pledge who fell down a flight of stairs following excessive drinking and later died.

Underage DUI charge in Maryland? 3 things you need to know

After months of studying and exams, it is finally the end of the school year. Many will be moving back home for the summer, while others will stay in the area, focusing on working to save up money for the next academic year. If you are one of the students sticking around, you will want to be careful about letting loose at the local bars or parties, as even a first time arrest for drunk driving can land you in jail.