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January 2014 Archives

Registered sex offender enters school; is charged for violations

A man registered as a sex offender was arrested by police for entering a school. Sex offender registration for this man indicates that he is not allowed to do this. In short, he violated his registration because he entered the school without expressed consent to do so. The man was then charged by officials in Queen Anne, Maryland.

Former Baltimore police officer caught in prostitution sting

Baltimore-area residents may be familiar with reading about undercover police operations that lead to prostitution arrests. In an unusual twist, a former officer with the Baltimore police department has pled guilty to pimping charges.

Child pornography charges filed against church youth leader

Being accused of possession and distribution of child pornography is serious and can have life-changing consequences. The charges generally come after a search of a person’s home, where investigators seize a computer and allegedly find downloaded pornographic images. 

Strong representation can help avoid sex offender registration

Accusations of sexual assault are taken very seriously by prosecutors. Fortunately, anyone who has been accused of sexual misconduct and faces possible prison time and sex offender registration has an absolute right to be represented by an attorney.

Child pornography charges require substantial evidence

Possession of child pornography is a serious charge, and being indicted on a related charge can be life-altering. However, an indictment is only a finding of probable cause and the government must present a much higher level of evidence to obtain a conviction.

Teenager gets 10-year sentence for molesting young girl

When people in Maryland are convicted of a crime such as child sexual abuse, it can have an impact on them for the rest of their lives. When that person is relatively young, it can mean that the shadow of being a convicted sex offender and having to register as such can last for decades into the future.

Maryland man gets 21 years for child prostitution conviction

A U.S. District Court judge sentenced a Capitol Heights, Maryland, man to 21 years in prison after a plea deal was reached on charges related to child prostitution and sex trafficking. In addition to the prison term, the man was sentenced to a lifetime of supervised release, and he will have to comply with sex crime registry terms wherever he lives, works or attends school.

Man sees sex assault conviction vacated, charges dropped

We have talked frequently on our Baltimore sex offenses defense blog about how charged with a sexual offense can be damaging to an individual's credibility and livelihood in the community. This is doubly true for someone who is an immigrant to our country. A conviction on some type of sexual abuse charge could lead to deportation proceedings.

Baltimore man pleads guilty to multiple child pornography charges

A 43-year-old Baltimore man will likely spend at least the next 15 years in federal prison with the possibility of remaining there for the rest of his life. Following a joint investigation by local and federal authorities, the man pleaded guilty to child pornography production, which carries a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 years. He also pled guilty to convincing a minor to participate in sexually explicit activity, a charge that could result in a life sentence.