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December 2016 Archives

Increased DUI patrols now through the New Year

The holidays are a time of parties and entertaining. At many of these events, alcohol will be present. To ensure that drivers stay safe this holiday season, the police will be out in greater numbers this coming week and on the look-out for possible drunk driving.

Minor in possession laws vary from state to state

Many states outlaw the possession of alcohol by minors. These minor in possession laws (MIP) differ from minor in consumption laws, which only prohibit underage drinking but not possession. This post will go over the variation among state laws regulating underage drinking.

Partying too hard could lead to serious criminal charges

The semester's over! Final exams are finally out of the way, so this means it's time to party, right? If you're attending some parties this year before heading home or for the holidays, know that your "participation" could lead to some pretty serious criminal charges if the cops get called. Also, if you are old enough to drink and share alcohol with underage friends, you too risk facing criminal charges.

Police crackdowns on prostitution

It may simply be the next media frenzy, but there have an unusual number of headlines concerning prostitution-related arrests. Prostitution, of course, sells ad time. It is salacious, sometimes involves prominent members of society and it is titillating. So this could simply be another example of the media eco-chamber amplifying everyday occurrences.

DUIs increase during the holidays

Data collected by Scram Systems found that drinking, driving drunk, injuries and fatalities related to drunken driving all increase during the winter holidays. Their data tends to confirm the popular portrayal of the holidays as a drunken and messy part of the year. This post will go over the numbers and what it means for you.

Breathalyzer patch may join law enforcement DUI tests

It seems every few years a new start-up or university releases a new device to curb drunk driving. The fervor to find a "silver bullet" to address DUIs is understandable; thousands of people are killed every year by a public health problem that could be solved with a healthy dose of responsibility. To help people take responsibility for their alcohol consumption, a team of engineers and graduate students from U.C. San Diego invented a "Breathalyzer skin patch."

Attorney loses license for sexual assaulting clients

A lawyer from Ohio was disbarred and sentenced to 12 years in prison for using hypnotism to assault his clients sexually. It is important to note that this particular lawyer lost his license before he was even convicted or sentenced to prison. The speed with which the Ohio bar invalidated his license is illustrative of the multiple dangers that you could face if you are charged with sexual misconduct.