Steps to take when facing child pornography accusations

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Accusations of possession of child pornography require immediate attention and careful navigation. While you may feel fear and confusion, you can take action to protect your rights.

Understanding the next steps to take can help you navigate this challenging situation.

Cooperate with law enforcement

If law enforcement suspects you of possessing child pornography, cooperate with the investigation. Provide any evidence or information you have that could help the case.

Preserve evidence

Maintaining evidence that supports your innocence can help you defend against these allegations. Document internet usage, communications and any relevant activities that demonstrate your innocence. Avoid deleting or tampering with any potential evidence.

Explore possible defenses

You can present evidence to support several valid legal defenses in this type of investigation. You may argue that you were unaware that the material in question was child pornography. For example, you might have downloaded it unknowingly or received it from someone else. You can also try to show lack of intent, which means you did not knowingly or intentionally possess or distribute child pornography.

False accusations can also occur. These charges may arise from mistaken identity or malicious intent. Unlawful search and seizure also provides a possible defense from child pornography charges.

The U.S. Sentencing Commission reports more than 1,000 prosecutions for this crime every year, with an average sentence of 102 months. Facing a child pornography investigation can be overwhelming. Remain calm and take proactive steps to protect your rights. With these steps, you can work toward resolving the situation effectively and minimizing the potential consequences.

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