Penalties of DUI aren’t limited to just the legal consequences

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Last week we wrote a post about drugged driving, and why anyone who is accused of this offense needs to consult an attorney to protect their rights. When a criminal investigation is opened into offenses like this, any misstep by the police or the prosecution could lead to the case against you being dismissed, or potentially lesser or dropped charges.

The reason we bring all of this up is that one of the paragraphs in that post mentioned the serious nature of drugged driving or drunk driving charges, and how the penalties associated with these offenses can affect an individual’s life for many months and years to come. Imagine not having a driver’s license for a year, or having to pay thousands of dollars in fines, court fees and other related costs to a DUI.

These are just a few of the penalties that can afflict a person convicted of a driving under the influence charge. An ignition interlock (which you would likely have to pay for) could be involved in your case. Your insurance rates will certainly go up. You may have to attend therapy and treatment classes for your alcohol use (again, this would likely be on your dime).

And then there are the prolonged penalties of such a charge. You will have a criminal history in the wake of such a conviction, which means jobs and living situations could become much more difficult to secure or hold on to.

Protect yourself from these situations and consult an experienced DUI attorney, like the fine people here at the Law Offices of Charles L. Waechter, to make sure your rights are upheld and that you limit (or beat) the damage of a DUI charge.

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Do You Have a Defense?

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