Do you know the alcohol content of the wine you drink?

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For many adults, the days of parties involving tequila shots in order to get really drunk are long gone. Still, that doesn’t mean that you and your friends do not like to get together to enjoy a meal with a nice glass of wine.

While sipping on a glass of wine might not be as intoxicating as consuming various Jell-O shooters back to back, what if the wine you drink is impairing you more than you think? Researchers now warn wine lovers that their wine might be stronger than what is listed on the product label.

By law, alcohol manufacturers are required to list the alcohol content on their products. What is the point, however, if those manufacturers are listing false information? Knowing the level of alcohol that is in someone’s drink of choice allows them to better manage their intake and predict their level of intoxication. 

Research shows that more than half of wines have the wrong alcohol content labeled on their bottles. They have more alcohol in them compared to what is stated. The difference might not be huge, but it is there and misleads drinkers into drinking something that is different from what they are expecting.

Police pull Baltimore drivers over for suspicion of drunk driving for various reasons, right and wrong. It is important for all drivers to be conscientious drivers in order to what they can to avoid such a traffic stop, and that includes properly monitoring what they drink before they get behind the wheel. In order for drivers to do that, they should at least be able to trust the labels of the wine that they are drinking.

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