Factors that might make you drunk, someone drunker, part 2

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In a recent post, we discussed a couple of biological factors that can impact people’s levels of impairment. So far, we shared how having food in your system and your age can affect alcohol’s impact on you and your capabilities. 

There are more factors to consider when determining why you might be too drunk to drive. Think about the following scientific issues when considering your level of impairment the next time you enjoy some drinks and need to get home:

Are you a man or woman? When it comes to gender, some women might like to say, “Anything you can do I can do better.” But when it comes to metabolizing alcohol, science shows that males’ bodies are more efficient. The level of fat versus water in women’s bodies tends to lead to quickened, increased impairment. 

Unless you are a muscle woman. While the average woman might have more fat than the average man, there are also those women who have high levels of muscle and are in rare athletic shape. Therefore, if you are a muscular, lean woman, you might be able to handle more alcohol than your curvier friends — maybe even as much or more than your husky male friends whom you let believe they could beat you in an arm wrestling match. 

Do you drink often? If your answer to the classic bar pick-up line, “Do you come here often?” is “yes,” then you might drink more regularly than others. If you consume alcohol on a regular basis, you are likely to build up a tolerance that others don’t have. The frequency with which you drink could mean you don’t get impaired as easily as a friend who drinks only on special occasions. 

Think about these factors when evaluating whether you might be too impaired to drive. If you do drive and are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, your thinking process should then turn immediately toward finding a DUI defense lawyer who understands Maryland’s drunk driving laws and the factors that can make or break your case.

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