Factors that might make you drunk, someone drunker, part 3

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This is the last post in a series of blog posts that cover some of the science of alcohol impairment. So far, you might have learned from the posts that if you are a woman, an occasional drinker, hungry, or older in age, you might get and feel drunker than someone with a different background or makeup.

There is more to the science of varying impairment. The following are a few more reasons why you might feel either okay or not okay to drive after enjoying some holiday drinks at your festive events this season: 

Are you drinking like a college student? Okay, maybe not all college students party or drink in the same way, but studies do suggest the risk of binge drinking is high among that young population. Binge drinking basically means consuming a large quantity of alcohol within a short amount of time. A young college student will get drunk more quickly drinking at a high rate, and so will an older adult. Pacing yourself can help mitigate the level of impairment you experience.

Are you drinking your cares away? Though holiday music praises the season for being a joyful, wonderful time of year, it can honestly be a difficult time of year for many. Whether it is family dynamics, loss, financial stress, or any other hardship you are experiencing, stress can result in heightened impairment while drinking. Be careful that a stress-fueled night out doesn’t lead to the added stress of a DUI arrest.

Should you be pulled over and arrested for suspicion of drunk driving in Baltimore this holiday season, you will understandably be stressed and worried. Let an experienced DUI defense lawyer in your area take on some of that worry and guide you through the legal process. While a drunk driving charge might negatively impact your holiday, it doesn’t have to permanently impact your life. 

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