Understanding the legal system re sex crimes in Maryland

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Being accused of criminal wrongdoing often has potentially long-lasting negative effects on a person’s life. Especially when allegations involve sex crimes, the future of the accused may include having to register as an offender if a conviction is handed down. In light of the seriousness of such matters, it is typically advisable to retain experienced legal guidance when preparing to face such charges in Maryland.

It is important to understand how certain charges may affect one’s life if  convicted or placed on probation. Obtaining a favorable outcome is often related to specific facts and details associated with the legal process leading up to and following an arrest. Defendants often rely heavily upon the experience and counsel of their legal advocate in order to determine how best to proceed when charges against them include potential penalties of prison time or substantial monetary fines.

A 22-year-old male who had been working as a volunteer at an elementary school now faces similar legal challenges. He has been accused of coercing students into performing lewd acts on film during time on the school’s playground. An uncle of one student allegedly saw images on his nephew’s cell phone that led to the accusations against the young man.

He was arrested Friday and now faces multiple felony counts that include pornography and sexual abuse. Maryland detectives claim the man was in possession of videos that show students engaging in sexual acts. Police say the videos were filmed on school grounds, at private residences and several other locations.

Maryland investigators continue to research the incident. Reportedly, the man told police officers that he had been involved in the production of pornography. It remains to be seen how the court will rule regarding the alleged sex crimes as the investigation is expected to last for several months.

Source: fox5dc.com, “Volunteer charged with videotaping sexual acts between kids at elementary school”, Feb. 8, 2016

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