Man arrested when trying to meet teen girl in Maryland

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A man from California has been arrested after the police were tipped off by a girl’s father that the two may be trying to meet up in Maryland. The man was picked up on charges of online solicitation of a minor, among other things.

Reportedly, the girl’s father grew suspicious that his daughter had been talking to a man online, so he put spyware on both her computer and her phone. He used this to confirm his suspicions, finding that she had in fact been talking with a man who was 25 years old. The girl, however, is only 15.

The father then went to the authorities, and they in turn contacted the man. They asked him if he was planning to fly from California to Maryland, and he told them that he was. He also had booked a room at a hotel in Annapolis, the city where he and the girl had been hoping to meet.

On top of that, the man told the investigators that he did know exactly how old the girl was at the time.

The man’s charges also include showing a minor obscene material and soliciting child pornography. As a result, he was brought to Maryland and booked at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center. He is currently being held there, and he was not offered bond.

When these types of charges are made, it is important for those who have been accused to know what rights they have, what legal steps they can take and what charges are viable in a situation in which plans were made but no action had yet been taken.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “California man indicted on allegations he solicited Arundel teen” Jul. 28, 2014

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