D.C. marijuana legalization creates precarious situation

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Maryland readers are likely all aware of the situation in the District of Columbia regarding the legalization of marijuana. With marijuana now legal there, the situation in Maryland is a bit precarious. Maryland residents may be only minutes away from being able to purchase the drug legally while it remains illegal in their own state.

The possibility of Maryland residents crossing the border to purchase marijuana and then driving home under the influence is arguably going to increase. The question then becomes, should Maryland legalize the drug so as to better regulate it or leave things the way they are. 

Maryland, like a number of other states, has already decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. But even if Marijuana use is eventually legalized, there is still the question of federal law, which continues to treat marijuana as an illegal substance, even if small-time marijuana users are not the focus of federal investigations.

When it comes to marijuana charges, it is important for criminal defendants to always work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. While marijuana charges may not seem as serious as other drug charges, they can have serious consequences. And while defendants may receive a tempting offer from prosecutors, it is important that they consider all the options for resolving their case before agreeing to what prosecutors are offering.

Our firm is committed to providing solid legal counsel to those facing any drug charges, and to ensuring their rights are protected. 

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