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In our last post, we began speaking about the multiple lawsuits the City of Baltimore is currently facing in connection with wrongful convictions. As we noted, the litigation is a testament to the fact that the criminal justice system does make mistakes and that these mistakes can be costly in terms of a defendant’s freedom.

Wrongful convictions are also a reminder of the need for defendants, especially those accused of serious crimes like rape and murder, to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Although an experienced advocate cannot guarantee a particular outcome in any case, he or she is able to provide zealous advocacy of the rights and interests of the defendant and minimize the chances that a miscarriage of justice will occur. 

Legal advocacy prior to conviction, of course, can help ensure that a defendant’s procedural rights are protected and that issues are preserved for appeal, if that becomes necessary later on. The appeals process provides the opportunity to challenge any procedural or substantive legal issues that may have arisen at trial. Once the appeals process is exhausted, the options are obviously limited, but wrongful conviction determination are a good reminder that the status of a criminal case can change even after all legal options are exhausted.

The importance of having a committed advocate throughout the criminal process cannot be overemphasized. By doing so, one gives oneself the best possible shot at minimizing the consequences of charges. Our firm is committed to providing criminal defendants the best possible advocacy in their criminal case, regardless of the specific circumstances involved. Our criminal justice system may not be perfect, but our commitment to providing zealous criminal defense can provide defendants the best opportunity to achieve a beneficial outcome in their case. 

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