What does a DUI do to your car insurance?

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As you probably deduced, DUI charges are not good for your insurance rates. A DUI means that you are a “high-risk” driver which means that the insurance company can charge you significantly higher rates for years after your arrest. In fact, some insurers even drop policies for people convicted of DUIs because the risk is too high. This article will go over how a DUI may impact your insurance and what you can do to mitigate the effects.

Most, if not every, DUI charge will result in your license being suspended. In order for you to get it reinstated, most states require that you obtain a form from your insurer proving that you have coverage. For most states, this is an SR-22. You take the complete SR-22 to the DMV to reinstate your driver’s license. Unfortunately, if your insurer canceled your policy, you will have to acquire a new one before you can get your license back.

Luckily, insurance companies are businesses so DUIs are not all treated the same. Your insurer should look at your charges and the facts on a case by case basis. This will give you the opportunity to argue that your rates should be lower because this is your first offense in an otherwise spotless record or because there were mitigating factors. Successive DUI charges will definitely result in significant premium hikes.

Remember that is up to your insurance company to discover the DUI charge. This depends on your state’s individual procedures. Maybe your DUI charge never makes it to the DMV database or maybe the charge is never reported to the insurance company. Regardless of the reason, if you face a DUI charge you should definitely speak with an attorney who may be able to assist you with your insurance matters.

DWI/DUI charges are not the end of the world, but they are very serious. You cannot afford to ignore them or hope that they will go away. You will also probably have to accept some consequences including increased insurance rates. If you were arrested while driving drunk, then you may want to call a defense attorney. A lawyer will understand the process, charges and the consequences, and help guide you through the process.

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