Parents can be sued for hosting underage drinking

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Underage drinking, aside from being illegal, can also put parents at risk of criminal charges and a lawsuit. A Maryland couple who permitted underage drinking at their home now may face civil suits, according to Maryland’s highest court. This post will address the legal concerns that underage drinking can create for the adults that permit it.

For decades, the police have been able to charge adults that facilitate underage drinking. But, since this decision, they now permit parents of other children to sue the permitting parents if their child suffered an injury.

The court also declared that this is one more incentive to prevent underage drinking. The court was specifically trying to address a phenomenon in which adults acquire a reputation for allowing parties or being “cool.”

The court reasoned that children lack the capacity to consent to the consumption of alcohol, therefore, adults can be held responsible. Moreover, to emphasize the point, these civil charges are in addition to possible criminal charges, meaning a parent can be arrested and also end up being sued.

If your child is facing charges related to underage drinking, then you should call a defense attorney as soon as possible. As you can see, your legal troubles may not necessarily start and end with your child. A lawyer can review the situation and advise you on the possible outcomes. You don’t need to face these charges alone; a lawyer can help you through the process and assist your child in presenting a vigorous defense.

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