DUI Courses: do they work?

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A commonly assigned penalty after a DUI/DWI conviction is DUI classes. In a DUI class, an instructor teaches the class about the effect alcohol has on the body, the risk of drinking and driving, and why people drink in the first place. The purpose of the classes is to educate the students on alcohol and helped them understand why they shouldn’t drink and drive, however, do these classes work or are they a waste of time and money? This post will go over these classes and how they may help you.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 30 percent of all DUI offenses are repeated offenses. Unfortunately, many DUI classes also fail to adapt to repeat offenders.

Many repeat offenders undertake similar coursework, but it never changes. For example, some states require 20 hours for first-time offenses, a second offense increases to 40 hours and third offenses require a year. But the coursework does not evolve, the only thing that changes is the amount of class work.

Unfortunately, a growing number of experts believe the courses only work if the attendees want them to work. Some experts believe that prison may be the only effective incentive for repeat DUI offenders. So, in summation, it is unclear if DUI courses work, but they remain a staple of many state policies so that they will continue in practice.

Were you arrested on a DWI charge? If so, you should call a defense attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can go over the potential consequences, including DUI classes, and what you will need to do to complete all of the post-conviction requirements.

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