Police are getting creative to prevent holiday DUIs

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Police are well aware that drinking and driving rates spike around the holidays, especially after Thanksgiving. To combat this trend, some police departments are employing creative tactics to discourage holiday drunken driving. This post will go over some of the creative campaigns.

Professors and students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute have designed an app that will, hopefully, prevent drunken driving. Many apps focus on designing tools to measure blood-alcohol level in the sweat or breath. But this app is designed to measure the level of inebriation based on the gait of the user. The app measures your “baseline” walking gait and then alerts you when your current gait deviates too far from the baseline, warning you that you are too inebriated to drive.

The state police in Virginia are teaming up with the Washington Regional Alcohol Program to design commercials that promote designated drivers. A designated driver is a person who refrains from drinking during a group outing so that he or she can safely drive everyone home. These commercials aim to convince people that being the designated driver is “cool” and the real hero.

Meanwhile, in Florida, the state police are undertaking a rational campaign. Florida, the state famous for insane stories that go viral on social media, is now host to a series of talks and lectures from doctors who discuss the impact that DUIs have on hospital trauma centers. The focus of the campaign is that most trauma centers could close if drivers refrained from drinking and driving.

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