Do ignition interlock devices work?

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Refusing to submit to a breath test might be the wise choice during a DUI stop, however, it can also result in automatic penalties getting levied against you. The Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) will automatically suspend your license, regardless if you are convicted or not. If you are convicted, a standard punishment is for the court to install an ignition interlock device. These devices are relatively new, and research is only now coming out to the efficacy of these devices. This post will go over these findings and how they may affect you.

Reducing drunken driving rates is an overarching objective for many states. One of the new techniques is to install ignition interlock devices. A study by Johns Hopkins found that in the states that instituted ignition interlock devices, there was seven percent decrease in fatal drunk driving accidents. Before this study, no one knew if these devices were effective at combating DUIs.

The study reviewed records from 1982 to 2013 in states that utilize ignition interlock devices and those that do not. The researchers noted that there were 1,250 fewer fatal drunk driving accidents in states that enacted ignition interlock statutes compared against states that did not.

Ignition interlock devices might be a hassle, but they are far preferable than incarceration or revoked license. But, ignition interlock devices are not granted for everyone. You must qualify for the program and pay for the device. A lawyer can help you apply for the device.

Were you arrested for drunken driving? If yes, you should contact a defense attorney. As far as sentences go, ignition interlock devices are relatively benign. But you could be subject to much more serious consequences unless you confront these charges head on. A lawyer can help you prepare an effective defense.

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