License suspension, revocation, and cancellation

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The Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) is responsible for administering all vehicles in Maryland. The MVA issues licenses and manages those licenses. The MVA is the entity responsible for administrative actions, like license suspensions. This post will go over the three ways that the MVA can manage licenses.

The MVA can suspend, revoke, or cancel driver’s licenses. A suspended license is temporary. The MVA suspends the license, and it is automatically reinstated after a set term of months or years. The suspension is usually also relaxed for certain activities, like driving to work or groceries.

License revocation is indefinite. Unlike suspensions which end after a set period, revocations can only get reinstated after a hearing by the MVA. The same amount of restrictions applies, although revocations are less likely to permit restricted licenses. Furthermore, even if you apply for reinstatement, the MVA can choose to deny your request.

Finally, licenses are also subject to cancellation. Cancellation means that driving privileges are terminated. A canceled license means that the driver must reapply to get their driving privileges returned. Additionally, the MVA can choose to cancel a person’s license after multiple DUI offenses permanently.

If you are facing drunken driving charges, then you may want to contact a defense lawyer. An attorney can advise you of all the risks of a drunken driving charge, including loss of your license. As illustrated above, there are various degrees of ways the MVA punish people for traffic violations. Most first-time offenders can expect license suspension as one of the punishments. But for severe offenders, like DUIs that result in injury or fatalities, the MVA can revoke or even cancel a license. A lawyer can help you by fighting to keep your license instated.

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