Are DUIs a deportable offense?

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You have probably noticed the good or bad press (depending on your perspective) surrounding the recent crackdown on illegal immigration. You probably already know that breaking the law is justification for deportation. But, how does the government define breaking the law and how far does this interpretation go? Unfortunately, the mood of the White House often dictates which crimes are grounds for deportation and which are not. The net result is that everyday people are left unclear on where they stand.

DUIs have long been considered sufficient grounds for deportation. Many illegal immigrants were deported under similar grounds during the early years of President Obama?s administration. But, in the latter years of his presidency, he began to reorient federal resources to focus on dangerous and violent criminals (think gangs and drug dealers).

But, under the Trump Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is now adopting the more aggressive stance. There are numerous anecdotal stories of immigrants getting swept up in ICE raids targeting people whose crime is a single DUI years in the past. One the one hand, that person broke the law and should be deported. But, on the other, that person lived for years without getting into trouble, and the government is exacting a terrible punishment for a single crime.

Regardless of your position, DUIs are a felony. They are a serious crime and are responsible for thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of serious injuries every year. If you are arrested pursuant to a DWI, first offense or not, you may want to contact a defense attorney for assistance. These crimes carry a stigma which influences the judge, prosecutor, police, and juries. You will want a compelling defense attorney to shield you from their pre-judgment.

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