Facing another DUI charge in Maryland?

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There are plenty of people who enjoy going out with friends and unwinding by having a few drinks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. After all, for those 21 and older, buying and drinking alcohol is a completely legal activity. However, while there are plenty of people who can have a few and call it a night, there are millions of people who are incapable of just having a few. Rather, one drink turns into five or more. For those same people — the ones who cannot stop drinking once they start — actions are also taken that most likely would not have happened had alcohol not been a factor.

The University of Maryland Medical Center provides information on alcoholism, including the signs, symptoms, risk factors and possible treatment options. Right in the very first paragraph, having multiple drunk driving violations is mentioned. This is due to the fact that it is rather common for someone with a drinking problem to run into legal issues, including having a number of drunk driving arrests and prior convictions on their record.

For those facing a repeat DUI charge, the consequences are severe and continue to intensify the more times someone is convicted. The Maryland Department of Transportation highlights the possible consequences, which include expensive fines, jail time — with a mandatory minimum stay — license suspension and participation in an alcohol abuse program. This is on top of having higher insurance rates and possible employment consequences, depending on the type of job someone has.

Treatment may be the real answer to another DUI arrest

At some point, one has to look at the underlying cause of the multiple drunk driving arrests. Is substance abuse the real problem? With the right inpatient or outpatient program, would this very same person avoid run-ins with the law?

For many, the answer to both of these questions is yes. For those with a drinking problem, expensive fines and jail time do not really fix anything. Rather, in some cases, it could even be argued these consequences — without the right follow-through — actually just make the issue worse.

For some, falling into the multiple DUI offender category is a wake-up call. At the Law Offices of Charles L. Waechter, we know that treatment may really be what a person needs after a DUI arrest. Not only could this end up looking favorably to a judge, but it could also really help to treat the underlying issue.

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