Even with dispensaries, marijuana still illegal for many

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Medical marijuana is legal in Maryland and the first dispensary opened in December. However, students on campuses across the state should not take this news to mean that laws regarding marijuana use are now lax. Those caught with weed – on or off campus — can still face legal consequences.

Here is what you need to know about Maryland’s medical marijuana dispensaries and possession laws in the state.

Is it legal use marijuana in Maryland?

Yes, it is legal to use marijuana, but only if you have a medical marijuana certification. While the first dispensary did open in December– and more than 20 out of 102 are fully licensed at this point – these shops are only for people who are registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and have certification from a registered doctor or health care provider.

In order to get these certifications, a patient must meet with a doctor in-person. The patient and doctor must also have a real relationship, where the doctor knows the patient and can make an assessment on whether medical marijuana would be in the person’s best medical interests.  

Will the dispensaries sell gummies or brownies?

No. While other states do sell gummies, brownies and other forms of edibles, dispensaries in Maryland will not sell these.  

While companies do have plans to process cannabis into other forms – such as capsules and oils – edibles are still not legal under Maryland law.

 What if I’m caught with marijuana and no certification?

It all depends on the amount. For personal use – less than 10 grams – you should expect a fine.

If you are caught with more than 10 grams, the penalties get steeper, with jail time becoming a possibility if you are caught with any amount between 10 grams and 50 grams. Anything over 50 grams and it is also a felony with a mandatory minimum sentence of five years. 

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