Maryland legislators consider increasing DUI penalties

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As we’ve discussed here before, Maryland has some strict laws related to driving under the influence. Some of these laws have been passed because of drunk driving crashes that have killed Marylanders.

Now the Maryland state legislature is considering a bill sponsored by Gov. Larry Hogan that would increase the punishment for drunk drivers with multiple convictions already on their record.

The bill was passed unanimously by the Maryland Senate. It is now in the House for consideration. The proposed legislation would increase the maximum sentence for a person who has had four or more DUI convictions to ten years behind bars.

Currently, the maximum possible sentence is three years (four if a minor was present). It would increase the maximum fine that repeat offenders could have to pay to from $3,000 ($4,000 if a minor was present) to $10,000.

The governor appeared with a woman whose father, a psychologist at Bethesda’s National Institute of Mental Health, was killed by a drunk driver in 1992. The driver had previously been convicted of drunk driving.

He was sentenced to a four-year term after pleading guilty to a homicide charge, which carried a shorter sentence than the original manslaughter by automobile charge. He was given probation for all but 18 months of the sentence.

Many people don’t take a DUI charge as seriously as they should, considering that it can impact a person’s life and career for many years. However, once you have a conviction on your record, subsequent convictions can carry ever-increasing penalties. That’s why it’s essential to seek experienced legal guidance when facing any DUI charge.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Maryland Senate passes Gov. Hogan’s bill to stiffen sentences for repeat drunk drivers,” Michael Dresser, March 01, 2018

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