DUI influences everything in your life, including your fraternity

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The Greek system in colleges provides social and professional benefits to students while creating a strong, diverse community amongst members. But this environment often appeals to students looking to explore their newfound independence through alcohol and parties.

Fraternity members are much more likely to abuse alcohol than their non-Greek affiliated peers, and with alcohol abuse can come poor decisions, like drinking and driving. Some college-age drivers think a DUI is nothing more than a simple traffic offense, but you should be aware that it is more serious and can have long-ranging consequences.

If you are a college student who was arrested for DUI, there a several concerns you’re facing right now, including:

  • Criminal conviction
  • Future employment
  • Mandatory fines
  • Probation
  • Alcohol treatment

Unfortunately, if you are also in a fraternity or sorority, then you need to consider how your membership may be affected. Each college has their own honor code, and many universities, including John Hopkins and Loyola University in Baltimore, hold personal disciplinary hearings to decide consequences enforced at the school level, even if criminal charges are dismissed. 

The severity of the situation often leads to Greek houses implementing their own punishments for honor code violations, including a warning, suspension or expulsion from the entire system.

Membership to your fraternity or sorority no doubt holds more value than parties. Membership means access to crucial networking contacts, and future career opportunities, as well as connection to a group of people you care about.

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