Maryland woman had 2 DUI arrests in same day

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Often a DUI arrest shakes a person up enough that it’s a long time before they get behind the wheel again after even one drink. That wasn’t the case for one Maryland woman. She was arrested twice on the same day for DUI.

Her first run-in on Saturday, Aug. 11 with the Maryland State Police (MSP) occurred just after midnight. A trooper reportedly saw the 33-year-old Baltimore City woman pass a vehicle by driving on the shoulder and also speeding near Berk Lane and Route 40.

Police say the woman failed the field sobriety tests administered by the trooper who pulled her over. An intoximeter test allegedly showed a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .13. She had a baby and a 4-year-old child in the car, so she was charged with two counts involving transporting a minor while under the influence as well as DWI and various traffic violations. Reportedly, the children’s mother (the driver’s cousin) was also in the car but was too drunk to drive.

The woman was taken to jail and then released to a family member. However, that person apparently drove her back to where she left her car when she was taken into custody. The same trooper who arrested her earlier saw her get behind the wheel and drive off less than 20 minutes after she was released from custody.

The trooper pulled her over because she was not allowed to drive for 12 hours following her arrest. She allegedly failed yet another round of field sobriety tests and this time registered a BAC of .12. She’s now facing additional charges for this second DUI, including one for driving so soon after her initial arrest. The charges involving having minors in the vehicle have enhanced penalties if she’s convicted.

Even one DUI conviction can have serious ramifications. A second or subsequent offense and DUIs involving special circumstances like children in the car bring result in jail time, fines and a suspended driver’s license. Experienced Maryland DUI attorneys can work to protect your rights, present your case and mitigate the consequences.

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