What are some common defenses to a DUI charge?

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A DUI conviction can alter your future because of the severe consequences associated with this crime. If convicted of drinking and driving, you may have to pay a large fine, spend time in jail or go a certain period of time without driving privileges.

You could face these DUI penalties if you drive a vehicle at or above the legal blood alcohol content level, which is 0.08% in Maryland, states the Maryland Department of Transportation. But there are certain defenses you could use during your case that could help you reduce or mitigate the consequences of a DUI.

Inaccurate breath testing

Law enforcement officials use breath tests to determine the blood alcohol level amount in your blood. The machines used to administer these tests are not always accurate because of factors like variances in body temperature and improper calibration of the machine.

Illegal traffic stop

A law enforcement official cannot pull you over and arrest you for DUI without a reason to believe you are breaking the law. The law enforcement official must present an objective reason as to why he or she pulled you over.

Invalid field sobriety tests

Law enforcement officials have to perform standardized field sobriety tests the same way every time for them to be an accurate predictor of intoxication. If not done correctly, the evidence from these tests may not hold up during your DUI case.

These are just a few of the defense you could use after getting arrested for drinking and driving. Others may exist based on your circumstances and the situation surrounding your arrest.

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