Can college fights lead to assault charges?

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The combination of alcohol and parties on college campuses increases the risk of fights. While some may see this as typical college student behavior, these actions can lead to severe legal and academic consequences.

Understanding the long-term ramifications of these actions may encourage students to avoid situations that enable these behaviors.

What is assault?

Maryland defines assault as attempting or threatening to harm another person, such as by punching, slapping or pushing. While some states differentiate between assault and battery, all crimes involving intent to harm and actual harm fall under the category of assault.

What are the criminal penalties for assault charges?

Charges for assault crimes vary depending on the circumstances and seriousness of any injuries. Less severe injuries can result in second-degree assault charges, which may lead to $2500 fines and up to 10 years in jail. More severe crimes fall into the category of first-degree assault, which carries longer jail sentences of up to 25 years and fines of up to $5000.

How will assault charges affect school standings?

Many universities have Code of Conduct regulations for individuals and organizations on the school campus. If either violates the code, disciplinary actions may follow. Hearings might be necessary, and both students and organizations risk receiving fines, probation and even expulsion from the school. These corrective actions remain on students’ records permanently and may interfere with future school applications.

Assault charges can change college students’ lives, derailing academic and career goals. Choosing to act responsibly allows students to reach their maximum potential.

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