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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Maryland man charged with hitting state trooper vehicle while DUI

One of the worst possible scenarios when driving under the influence, short of killing yourself or someone else, is probably hitting a law enforcement vehicle and injuring the officer inside. According to Maryland authorities, that's what happened on the evening of June 19.

Drunk boating charges require immediate attention

Drunk driving charges are often thought about as occurring on the roads. These charges can also occur when you are on the water. Drunk boating charges are just as serious as drunk driving charges, so you should make sure that you understand the implications of drinking on the water before you take your first sip.

Former Maryland bishop denied parole for fatal DUI

A DUI arrest can happen to anyone who drives while under the influence, regardless of age, social status, income or occupation. It happened in the last days of 2014 to a Maryland Episcopal bishop after she hit and killed a bicyclist in Baltimore, a husband and father, and then fled the scene.

Your defense can impact your family, finances and future

We recently discussed the case of a Maryland officer who is facing a drunk driving charge in connection with a road rage incident. This story is a poignant reminder that your social status and job title don't matter if you are driving drunk. Instead of having some type of immunity, you can still face criminal charges.

Maryland officer charged with DUI after road rage incident

A Maryland sheriff's deputy is on administrative leave following an incident in January where he is alleged to have been driving under the influence. The man was reportedly the victim of road rage by a man who shot at him in Parsonburg.

Make your designated driver feel appreciated

Whether you're out for a night on the town, celebrating a holiday or special occasion or are gathering in a sports bar to watch a big game, if someone in your group has agreed to be the designated driver, it's important to take good care of him or her. Many establishments will serve free non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers. However, that may not be enough to make up for all the festivities these folks may feel that they're missing.

Challenging Breathalyzer results

Police officers in Maryland and across the country regularly use breath analysis testing devices (commonly known as "Breathalyzers") to determine the blood alcohol content of suspected drunk drivers. If the result is .08 percent or above (or just .01 for a driver under the legal drinking age), that driver can be charged with a DUI. The driver must have two measurable readings within .02 of one another for the Breathalyzer test to be admissible as evidence in court.