Police officer in Baltimore facing sex offense charges

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A police officer in Baltimore was arrested at the police station when it was determined that he was guilty of committing sexual crimes against a 14-year-old girl. He was given a bail total of $75,000, which he then posted in order to await his trial without being behind bars.

The incident involving the teen began with an online advertisement that offered prostitutes to those who were interested. The police officer never called the number and spoke to the young girl, but he did exchange text messages with her. They then met up at least three times. The meetings began in January and lasted until May, and they all took place in 2013.

At this time, the police do not know if there were any additional victims that have so far not been identified, but they are trying to find out if the officer met with any other girls. For now, they are assuming that he met with the same girl every time, and that the three incidents are the extent of the time. He will be charged with solicitation of a prostitute, and he could also face additional charges since the girl in question was a minor at the time of the encounters.

Neighbors reported that they did not see anything illegal going on, and some even reported that the man was kind and helpful to them when they needed it. Additionally, though, they said that he kept to himself, which would have made it harder for them to know what was happening.

Cases involving the Internet and other types of remote communications can be very complicated, and those involved should get a fair trial that relies on actual evidence of the events that occurred, rather than just conjecture. They deserve to only be convicted if proof can be produced and given a fair sentence if so.

Source: WBAL TV, “Baltimore police officer charged with sex offenses involving teen” George Lettis, Mar. 20, 2014

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