Solicitation sting to be tweeted by Maryland police

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If you live in Maryland, then you may have heard about how the police are going to be live tweeting a prostitution sting. This could involve putting up photos of people accused of soliciting a prostitute or of the prostitutes themselves. The problem with this is that those who may be wrongfully accused now have hundreds, if not thousands, of people who think they know what the defendants have done. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, it’s wise to seek a strong defense. Social media makes it easier to ruin your reputation, even when it isn’t deserved.

According to the story from May 2, the Prince George’s County Police are planning on giving the public an inside look at how a prostitution sting takes place. By tweeting, the police will give an update during each part of the sting. When and where it will take place has not been released to help them better do their jobs in stopping the prostitution ring.

The police believe that taking to Twitter helps them be transparent and helps with safety. The live-tweeting will target “Johns,’ which are people who solicit prostitutes, and could put their names, charges and photos online. All of that is normally public record when someone is arrested in connection with a crime.

People who assist those in the sex work industry have said this isn’t an appropriate way to fight prostitution. They believe that sex workers who are being abused or are stuck in a position due to sex trafficking will be less likely to ask the police for help. They also suggest that those who may have seen the prostitute being abused may not turn to police due to the risk of being arrested.

Source: USA Today, “Maryland police department to live-tweet prostitution sting” Mola Lenghi, May. 02, 2014

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