Wrong number leads to solicitation, prostitution charges

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A 44-year-old Maryland woman is accused of offering sex to a local police officer after she apparently called the wrong phone number. The woman, who is accused of prostitution, apparently made the call to a drug enforcement officer with the Frederick Police Department on July 30. Authorities say that she likely thought that the phone number belonged to someone else who was not a police officer.

Official reports show that the police officer attempted to identify the woman, and they scheduled a meeting for the next day. The police officer and the woman agreed upon a price, and she was arrested at their meeting place on July 31. She is officially charged with solicitation of prostitution, along with possession of crack cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia after a “crack stem” smoking device was apparently found in her possession.

Authorities say that the community area is relatively small, so officers will often give out their contact information in case citizens have additional information to report about a crime. It appears that the man in this case had given the woman his phone number after just such an incident. The man initially thought that the woman was calling him to provide him with more information about another criminal matter; however, it appears that she simply mistook the man’s phone number for someone else she was attempting to contact.

It is important to remember that solicitation charges can still arise from this type of simple mistake. Criminal defendants who are accused of solicitation and prostitution still deserve the full protection of the courts, however, no matter the nature of their alleged crimes. This woman and others facing similar charges still have legal rights and options in the criminal court system.

Source: New York Daily News, “Maryland woman solicits police officer for sex after dialing wrong number: cops” Michael Walsh, Aug. 01, 2014

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